I am a creep.

I am a creep.
I have been working through some ideas in my photographs, this was the start of some new work to come.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One for all, all for one. Not fucking real.

So, i have nothing but respect for certain high profile graff dudes..most are dicks and i cant wait till they go to jail and everyone forgets about them.I know it sounds harsh, but as a photo geek i have met alot of them and walked away thinking, wow that's why they always say "don't meet your heroes"
I also have a big issue with making your graff crew into a clothing company.How fucking lame is it to see a shit load of toys wearing you crews name blasted across there chest and dude cant even rock a decent fill in sporting a pocket full of shit markers.
Ok enough ranting..i did wanna post some street portraits i did of Saber, dude has been rad every time i ran into him. i enjoy meeting artist of our time that are still hella humble. so here we go..again just scanned negs, not really color corrected..just seeing what is print worthy..
There has been some question as to if he is going over the "Atlas cats" its a legal wall people get over it and quit trying to pump up the rumor mill


Sunday, March 21, 2010

I love you like a rap kid loves breaks.

I have been shooting alot in the studio, really trying to perfect shooting in controlled environment. Every once and a while i am able to get a model that just gets it, i don't have to give a million directions or explain anything..just shoot.focus.shoot. I met kat in between classes, she was bout it. Ill prolly shoot her a few more times in studio then take my strobe skills to the streets.
I mostly shoot street, or self portrait work. I am learning new thing and trying to think outside of my box. I like the process of controlled environment. You get to shoot and really edit and see if you are getting what you want out of a photograph.also i get to make photos that as an artist feel that people would like to look at, now or ten years from now.I am always asking myself..do these photos count?? Am i pushing the work? or just pushing out bad shits. I like to think that as an artist you need to be a one upper, to yourself and to other artists. If we all just think something is "good" or "cool" then what are we getting out of the work??
You gotta keep the movement movin.

I didnt really edit the color scans..just was seeing what was print worthy.


Monday, March 15, 2010

either way it's okay, I wasn't tryin' to get laid

I just wanted to say "I hope you have a great day"

I wanted to post some of the lovleys i have shot. They will be the end of me.