I am a creep.

I am a creep.
I have been working through some ideas in my photographs, this was the start of some new work to come.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

We are the ever-living ghost of what once was.

The term "Stay gold" is for fools.We really can not, not grow up.We all face certain reality's as we grow old. I feel like with my photos or any kind of work that i do that i am in fact documenting a feeling or freezing time for my own mental archives.Its weird cause i do not own a skateboard or have even stepped on one for sometime, but i still feel really good about where its at in the world right now.
The skateboard sub-culture shaped who i am today, not my physical shape of course. hahaha. As far as music, film and literature i have always been in the know of the up and coming artist, and i have skateboarding to thank.
Anyways this movie is coming out, and watching the preview gives me butterfly's in my gut, like the kind you get riding the chairlift when snowboarding. check it out.

I have also been lurking this site for hours.My friend Matt Flores turned me onto it.

Stay gold or go fuck yourselfs!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dennis McGrathxBob Flowersx HUF..maybe someday.

I grew up in the Skateboard and tag banging era. either you were rockin argyle socks and cut off or a hanging belt and a Chelsea cut writing all over shit.
I kinda bounced back and forth.During this time Steve Rocco pretty much ran Skateboarding.He had a real edgy mag called BIG BROTHER, awsome shit when you're 14.The mag was def not for moms to see and even more so when Rocco sold to none other than Smut peddler Larry Flynt.
Skateboarding was about to take a wild and commercial twist now with Flynt publications a major player in the industry.The most recognizable outcome was JACKASS.
Either way i saw this video and was stoked to hear some old industry names, and see the outcome of a photographer who almost gave it all up.

Dennis McGrath for HUF

Oh what??

You all know my taste is usually for the black and beautiful, but i got a soft spot for ol' girl right here. She looks like a handful, but they all are in the end.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I have gone to far.

A blog from the crackberry. What the?

"When our kite lines first crossed, we tied them into knots"

....and to finally fly away we had to cut them off.

Enough with the extra hipster lonely guy self loathing. This is about to be a rant about the never ending subject of "Love" *Cough.Cough* bullshit *Cough*
I may come off as a twenty-something dude with commitment or co-dependency issues, but at my age who isn't? I mean really? Who are the marketing people for this? Who came up with this concept and why do we all long for it so badly. Some of you are super tough skinned and don't need it, but who the fuck are you kidding you were hooked on this concept when you first learned that all you had to do was tell your mama you love her and bat those lashes to get a new toy.
It's a concept that has been force fed upon us since birth. The thing is the way you love or are loved by your parents or pets is unconditional.The fact of the matter is, your parents will hate you and you will get sick of picking up your dogs poop.I guess what I am getting at is that we as humans are all in love with the idea of falling in "love" and I'm just pissed I didn't come up with this concept. Hallmark has it in its clutches and making millions.Those assholes get to cuddle with a big fucking healthy bank statement, while I invest time, money and sleep trying to obtain something I would prolly be just fine with out as long as I didn't turn on the t.v, read any books or have to see two old people on the bus that still love each other after all these years.
You know what I blame heart break on??? fucking pride man! everyone has too much of it. Just let your fucking guard down for Christ sake.It's next to impossible in the world we live in with all the expectations that entertainment sets for us, well that and social networking.Facebook, myspace,twitter,blogspot,tumblr; it's all just a way to show our status. I also think its a way to multi-task.So is texting. I can send out a mass text that reads "hey lady, miss your face. you free tonight? wanna catch a drink?" and whoever answers first is the lucky girl to fill my void.
I could go on and on about this. the reason I brought this up is because im a bitch and because of the recent "status updates" I have been seeing on facebook. everyone seems to be pining over something or someone, and trying to play it off like its not about someone. Don't fear people...summer is upon us. It's time for half naked people, mass texts and that feeling of "the chase" we all love.
It's is kinda sad though, cause its just a vicious cycle. when fall comes around, lets say late September..you will be texting the summer fling you felt the closest to for a good ol' fall/winter cuddle. It will be cute, a winter of coffee followed by romantic comedy's and a possible night cap. You will retire to whoevers house is more comfortable and say reassuring shit like "I could lay here with you forever" and "no one kisses me like you do". You will have inside jokes and your own vocab of sarcasm, people will be sick to be around you...then Bam! happy new year!!! one of your prideful asses wont need the other..you will both go on fucking rampages breaking hearts all around you...then those broken hearts will do the same and the world will be full of spiteful twenty going on thirty something year olds.All Cinderallas, and there is no slipper.
The sad part of it is, this process will repeat until you are just sick of fucking looking for "the one" and you just settle or pop out a kid and then you have a common bond to take care of another human and wont realize how much you guys hate one another.
Yeah, I sound super jaded.It's because I am. I just spent five semesters looking at shitty art and talking to women that have not even thought about what they want in the next ten years of thier life.In the end I'm just a sucker and a cynic.I am coming to that age where I'm not "selling out" I'm "buying in" and I don't like it.
Sorry about this rant, just had to get it off my chest. I have been having alot of thoughts keeping me up while attempting to quit drinking, its weird how much you feel when you are not numb from booze and pills.
That's enough of that, sorry again this is a photo blog not a "whoa is me" diary..here is some images I have made..nothing really recent just some shit out of the bone yard.

I'm going to be off school for a bit, so I should have alot of new work for yall to peep..some fun shit and some more serious work, I love to shoot I hate to edit.Deal with it.

P.S These are just my opinions, and are not open for debate.I'm right.Go fuck yourself.For reals it will save you sleep and heartache.

Monday, May 10, 2010

I have been Backpacking through hell.

Also known as school..shit has been kicking my ass. I will have an epic post for you assholes soon. This is some shit I made in my photoshop class.

Smell ya later!!!