I am a creep.

I am a creep.
I have been working through some ideas in my photographs, this was the start of some new work to come.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

..a snack to hold you over.

I have a lot to say about this work i am just having a hard time writing and editing. i really want some feed back tho, it may inspire more motivation to write.

Found my place in the sun.

I have been steady grinding for a long while now. I must admitt i was in a bit of a rut as far as making new work goes, I had all the ideas but no time, materials or motivation to make it happen.
I always shoot street work but hardly devo the negs. I think just that alone will be a body of work on its own..to think i am out making compositions with color and city shapes and never look at them. I feel like when i do devo and look at the negs with fresh eyes it will be another story all together, not to mention teach me a little about by myself and my evolving style.
Ever since i learned to control light it has opened up a whole other side of making work. its a feeling of control and really being in charge of the over all product. I was blessed with a light kit so stay tuned for some test rolls. I am always looking for new subjects men and women, but of course as a straight man i do often shoot women.

I went to see the Dennis Hopper show at the Museum of contemporary art in Los Angeles shortly after i moved to the city. I had just seen "American Dreamer" and heard Dennis speak about art and what it meant to him. I really strongly agreed with his view on men and women and the relationship we as human develop.
When i saw D.Hoppers work and some of his photography i noticed something. I noticed the way straight men photograph women, some shoot really over done sexy shots and alot of men shoot them in admiration. The way i view women, the way i fall in love with women, the way i love my mother and growing up as a kid with only her and i for the first 3 years of my life.I knew this was something worth investigating further. My goal was to make photographs showing this love and admiration i had. i think as a super mans man and the way i look will always reflect people over all opnion on my work as far as photographing women.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


my new girl.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Insert mellow dramatics.

The title of this blog will prolly be the title of some of my most recent series of self portraits.They are not really that recent, in fact i think i shot them last march when i was loathing in self pity.
I grew up in Upland California, the burbs for sure. Its really funny how different life in the city is. I guess thats what brought me here.I notice more than anything out here is that people don't complain. No one plays the victim or has daddy issues, people just are. I ride the bus everyday at all times of the day and everyone just has this face of knowing that this is just a part of life and we are all really struggling together so no one feels the need to bitch and moan about what they have and don't have.

So with all that being said, you see some crazy shit when you're walking home from work at 1 am. About a week ago i was getting off the bus on 3rd and Lucas. When i got off this gnarly huge bum got off and followed me for a while when all of the sudden i heard loud slapping. I looked to my left and across the street 2 cholos were beating the shit out of another cholo. The bum sat on the curb and watched and i kept on walkin' till i got about a block down and saw two well over six foot black trannys breaking into a car. Holy shit life is nuts. i got home to my quiet and clean apartment and opened up a can of beer.
My girl likes to play dress up, here is some sexy photos of her.
She's the cats pajamas.