I am a creep.

I am a creep.
I have been working through some ideas in my photographs, this was the start of some new work to come.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cause to say "never say never" you done said never twice.

So, me trying to stay as real as I can in my medium of art I always shoot film. The problem with film is the decrease in places to develop and print, its almost like digital has a plot against film, almost like oil company's putting the kibosh on LA cable car system way back when. I did find a loop hole to the high cost of Los Angeles photo labs, but I am keeping this to myself and a select few who are really down for the cause.

I have a lot of new work to show y'all, but I am going to span it out and edit some so you always have new work to look at. I am going to try to show it to you in order shot.

This is a body of work I was playing with when I first moved into my Downtown home. I was in love with the natural light and just the soothing composition's I was seeing while cleaning or making coffee or even just being stoned and zoning out. Peep it.

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